Oppo Find X 2 Pro – Find A Great Device

It’s with a heavy heart that I publish this review. It means that, finally, I have to bite back tears and return the best damn phone I’ve ever used.

I mean, it goes with the reviewing territory, I guess. Review units are by their nature fleeting, but this one really hurts. The Oppo Find X2 Pro is a phenomenal phone, so strap yourself in for an excessively long and in-depth review from the month I spent with this damn near perfect device.

OPPOtunity of a lifetime

If you’re someone who likes a flashy phone, you probably haven’t considered an Oppo device before. Despite having been in New Zealand for years now, the brand recognition still isn’t up to par with the likes of Apple or Samsung, where most of the big spenders go. And hey, I’m not going to say the Find X 2 Pro is better than an iPhone or a Galaxy.

I mean, it is, but that’s not what I’m here to say.

First things first. The Oppo Find X2 Pro isn’t just pretty, it’s gorgeous. Admittedly, any device you hand me with a sweet curved screen, a glossy black chassis, and a big ol’ bank of cameras at the back will be in my good books, But it all comes together in the Find X2 Pro, and it’s easily the rival of any A-List phone out there.


It also feels good to use, This isn’t something a lot of people talk about with phones, but we’ve all gotten used to doing the exact same thing with a new device. Whether that’s good or bad is debatable, but the point is we want to be able to pick up a new phone, and make it do what the old one did, but better.

The Clone Phone feature continues to perform admirably; I transferred about 8GB of cat pictures from my everyday use phone to the Find X 2 Pro in about ten minutes, which is impressive considering how many hundreds of photos of my cats I have on that phone. I also brought over my settings and preferences, always a pain to set up.

But it’s not all sunshine and light I guess. Let’s get started with the fact that this is a slippery little thing. Even with the protruding camera bank and complimentary gel case, the phone slides all over the place. It’s also prone to flopping off couches, sliding off armchairs, falling down the side of car seats, and wiggling out of hoody pockets.

Is this my fault? Almost definitely. But it’s still worth knowing, because you know you’re at least half as clumsy as I am.

Not just my OPPOinion

You might think these are just the ramblings of a shill, or someone really, REALLY into Oppo. And, I mean, yeah, the second one is pretty accurate. I’ve never used an Oppo device I didn’t love, but this is something special. I’ve handed this device to half a dozen people who have all agreed that it’s pretty sleek. And, of course, our other Editor Blair has reviewed the Lite version here, and was also blown away by what fit in the package.

Wake me up before you OPPO

The battery, always the crown jewel of an Oppo, doesn’t seem to be as robust as previous phones. This is probably because of the increased processing power of the Find X2 Pro, which is considerably faster and snappier than any of the previous models.

This is mitigated by the insanely fast charging. Like, seriously ludicrous. I plugged it in at 20%, went to make a cup of tea, and came back to 58%. You can actually rely on that 5-minute charge while brushing your teeth in the morning or whatever if you, like me, literally cannot survive without Spotify while outside.

Get to the OPPOint

But I’m having such a great time with the headings!

Are you OPPOsitive?

I’m OPPsolutely certain… Ah I lost it. Oh well.

Ultimately, I may not have found X, but I did find one of the best phones on the market. Do I know what that sentence means? No. But it sounds cool right?

Not as cool as the Find X 2 Pro, I bet.

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