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Trials of Mana Review

The original Trials of Mana came out when every RPG Square spat out seemingly turned into a cult classic, and Trials of Mana is no different. It is well loved, at least in Japan where it actually saw a 1990s release. 2019 saw the

Logitech G Pro X review

"Jack of all trades, master of none" is usually seen as a negative. Always kind of baffled me, to be honest, since the next line is "often much better than master of one." Well, meet the headset of all trades, the Logitech G Pro X

Underhero review

Underhero is a beautiful game, with amazing visuals, music, and story. It is let down however by some poor level design and technical issues that become particularly apparent on the Switch, and even more so in handheld mode.

Dreams review

Seven years after being announced and following an Early Access period from April to December 2019, Dreams and its PS4 content creation tool has now been unleashed upon the general populace. Is it a game? Is it a game-development tool?