Oppo Find X5 Lite Review

We have certainly fawned over Oppo phones on this site, mostly because every time they release one, they blow us away. Well, after playing with the mind blowing Oppo Find X5 Pro, it is time to test out the cheaper sibling to the Find X5 family, the Oppo Find X5 Lite.

Camera action

First things first, one of the best parts of the Find X5 family is the Hasselblad camera technology. It blew me away in the X5 Pro, and it comes in the middle child X5, but the Lite doesn’t come with this sweet tech. I can’t comment on how well it operates in the mid-sized model but in the oldest sibling it is some truly incredible tech.

But back to our little friend the X5 Lite. Given it is about half the price of the X5 and even less in comparison to the X5 Pro, we need to keep things in perspective. The 64MP Main camera, the  8MP Ultra-Wide and 32MP front camera are right in line with other phones in the price point. It has an extra 2MP (Macro) main camera  used for a mode to get more detail on things you are super close to, I honestly never saw any benefit in it.

The software in the cameras in Oppo phones tend to be on point, and I was still impressed with the snaps I got out of this little beast. Added to this is the excellent shaky camera which makes videoing your kids on the playground or running look a lot less like you are gonna hurl when you watch it back on your big TV.

Battery Life

One of my favorite parts of Oppo phones are the sweet ass battery life they come equipped with. Consistently they have outperformed their competition, and under heavy use most phones these days struggle to get through a full day. Thankfully the Find X5 Lite hasn’t left us behind here. Without removing any of the battery draining apps like Facebook, and using it to game, listen to music and podcasts, stream videos and chromecast to the TV, I easily got a day and a half out of a full charge.

Now that is more than solid, but what’s the point of half a second a day’s charge if you need to charge it in the middle of the day? Well let me tell you, Oppo’s charging tech that they have boosted in the Find X5 series hasn’t left their baby brother totally behind. It doesn’t support wireless charging, but it does support fast charging. I constantly got it from 5-10% to 100% in under half an hour.  

That’s right, under half an hour for an almost full charge. That means about half the battery in 15 minutes, so when you are in a pinch a fraction of a charge is more than enough to get you juiced up for the rest of the day.  

This means if you need your phone next to you at night, you should have more than enough charge, then you can load it up while you have a shower and do the dishes and boom, you are good to go.


The phone has relatively similar specs to other phones in the price range. You can find some phones with a little more beef, but to be honest I never noticed any issues. With app use or general gaming I was happy with how the phone handled itself.  

The sound quality from the speakers weren’t perfect and at the highest volume it was a touch tinny. If you’re gonna be doing that on the regular then you should probably pick up a bluetooth speaker. Of course, it is a relatively low specced phone, so keep your expectations in check and this aspect is fine.

The display is rocking a 6.43in AMOLED screen and it performs perfectly. It gets bright if needed, and the quality, honestly I couldn’t have been happier with it.  

All the bits

It does come equipped with a SD card slot which isn’t a given in every phone these days. So well worth looking at if that’s important to you. If it isn’t important, then the 256GB of space should certainly keep you sorted.  

Of course, as always with Oppo phones, it comes with the screen protector applied and a gel case in the box. This one comes with a transparent case which makes sense since it is a damn good looking phone. I was sent the Starry Black phone which is more of a dark purple. Thought the starry fits as it’s that dark purple the night sky sometimes gets. It is bloody gorgeous. They absolutely smashed the color here as it looks different, simple, and elegant. The only issue is that it has a beautiful matte finish which is of course covered by a screen protector.

Of course the phone comes with a charger which is massive thanks to its powerful fast charging abilities. This uses the USB-A to USB-C cable to connect to your phone which makes sense. I noted in the Find X5 Pro Review that it was kind of weird to use USB-A to USB-C. This is because when you start the phone up it says the best way to transfer data to se up the phone is using USB-C to USB-C. Which isn’t included in the box. The flip side is for compatibility, this cable is more useful at the moment. After all you are far more likely to find USB-A supported devices or plugs.

The verdict

For its price point, the Oppo Find X5 Lite is an absolute banger. It’s a solid phone in its price point, equipped with a battery and charging well outside its price point. If you are buying in the under $1K range then you will be happy as hell with this phone. Especially given the jump to the nearest sibling.

That Hasselblad tech though….

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