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DEATHLOOP has a new trailer

DEATHLOOP has a new trailer with a new original song, Déjà Vu. Déjà Vu combines a classic 1960’s spy film-inspired tune with the peculiar themes of Blackreef island to create a track that’s sure to repeatedly loop in your head! Check

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Yuffie is coming to FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is being given a next gen upgrade called Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERGRADE. Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERGRADE will have some nice next gen upgrades, and includes a new chapter with Yuffie. Current owners

The Outriders demo is out now

Why wait to see what someone else thinks of the upcoming Outriders when you can try it for free now? Fortunately the Outriders Demo is out now so you can play it now. With 3 hours of content it gives you the chance to try the 3 hours

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review

For a fair while Samsung has been the Apple of the Android world with some premium phones rocking some eye-wateringly premium price tags. Despite not being a big jump in price from the previous series, the S21 still $1399, $1799, and