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The Last of Us: Part II review

In 2013 The Last of Us revolutionised gaming. Well this is not entirely true, but it did take a lot of common things and threw a new spin on them. Afterall, stealth, horror, scarce resources, crafting, linear third person

The Outer Worlds review

If you haven’t played The Outer Worlds, well, now's your chance. Best described as a soap opera in space (but NOT, oddly enough, a space opera), this RPG is full of pining and desperate intrigue across a failing capitalist empire. Unlike…


When it comes to sports games, I am lukewarm.  Sure I played Rugby League Live for dozens of hours on end, but that was to scale down the difficulty and see my teams not suck for a hot minute.  WHAT THE GOLF? isn’t the sports game for fans

GORN Review

If I were to tell you to picture a VR game published by Devolver Digital, known for some cartoony violent stuff, where you were a gladiator in an arena fighting other gladiators, I am pretty sure you will have a pretty good idea of what

Gears Tactics Review

I have enjoyed the Gears series for many years now. It started off with some muscly dude bros killing bug aliens using oversized guns with a chainsaw attached, to a series with a story that got more interesting and engaging as those

Trials of Mana Review

The original Trials of Mana came out when every RPG Square spat out seemingly turned into a cult classic, and Trials of Mana is no different. It is well loved, at least in Japan where it actually saw a 1990s release. 2019 saw the

Underhero review

Underhero is a beautiful game, with amazing visuals, music, and story. It is let down however by some poor level design and technical issues that become particularly apparent on the Switch, and even more so in handheld mode.