Logitech G923 Trueforce Racing Wheel Review

I have played racing games for many years, but have always done it with a controller. I wouldn’t say I am a master, but I would say I suck. Smashing my way through Gran Turismos since GT2, crashing into walls in Forza, I love ‘em, but I suck at’ em. So the question is, can my love of them be enhanced using a racing wheel?  

After some time with the Logitech G923 Trueforce Racing Wheel the short answer is … Yes.

The Kit 

Pulling out this beauty it is clear that Logitech has built some solid tech here. The units are weighty and feel nice and strong… with the exception of the cables. I was surprised how thin they were.  

But back to the kit. You pull out the wheel which has all of the PlayStation buttons on it for navigation and the like, a set of pedals, and a power brick because with all of its features, the G923 won’t be powered by USB.  

There is a clutch pedal which can be used if you buy an additional gear shifter. Fortunately you don’t need that as you can go automatic, or use the tiptronic paddles on the steering wheel. It seemed kinda odd that it didn’t come with the stick, but given the cost is already around $700, if you aren’t going to use it then saving $100 makes sense.

Getting up and running.

One amazing thing about this racing wheel was how easy it was to get up and running. After plugging it all in, and then turning on my PS5 and signing in with my controller, I was up and running. Next I navigated to Gran Turismo 5 on the menu using the steering wheel buttons and boom, I was in the game.

Navigating the menus wasn’t too easy, but it wasn’t too bad either. It would have been cool if Gran Turismo had a feature where it simplified the menus when detecting a wheel was plugged in, but that has nothing to do with the racing wheel so I will move on.

Given it is the PlayStation compatible version, one weird thing is I never found a way to turn my PS5 on with it. I pressed the Playstation button but no change. I had to use the controller to wake the PS up then press the PS button on the wheel to connect it. I mean it’s a minor thing, but still.

Racing has never felt this good

I mean, having to wake the console up is one thing, but it’s a racing wheel, how it feels to race is the most important thing. To put it lightly, holy crap, this wheel is incredible.

Everything about this experience kicks serious ass. When you go faster there is more resistance when trying to turn the wheel. When someone catches your tail and the car spins the wheel pulls itself around despite your best effort to hold it still. When your car’s wheel hits the grass and the steering wheel shudders and pulls slightly left. Holy crap this thing is incredible!

“But what if I don’t have a copy of GT7?” I hear you ask. Well first, it’s a pretty damn good game, silly progression aside, so check it out. Second of all, other games can, and do, use it. One of which is Dirt Rally 2.0 so I took the racing wheel to the dirt track!

Immediately something was clear. Gran Turismo, despite being harder than previous installments, was still coddling me. Dirty Rally, with the feedback and the pressure in the steering wheel feels so good as you slide around a corner. But, I didn’t have many of those moments, because as much more fun as the game is with the G923, it is also WAY harder.

A little annoying thing, that will only hit newbies like me, is getting respawned on a track. There were so many times that I had my foot on the accelerator and the steering wheel hard to one side. It then respawned me back on the track and I immediately slid straight off as I didn’t have time to release the accelerator and return the wheel to neutral.  

Cables choices that are…choices

One annoyance is the cables. I already mentioned that the cables are kinda thin which is annoying as they seem like they would be too easy to break. But added to this is that the steering wheel is the main cable hub.  

This is weird as it means connecting to the steering wheel is the cables connecting the unit to the power, the PS5, and the pedals. This is definitely an annoyance as I had the cables hanging in the air from the steering wheel to the PS5. Since the cables aren’t overly long, I was only a couple of meters from my TV and the cables were hanging in the air. Perfect for someone to run past and yank it out at best, or take your PS5 at worst.

This seems like an unnecessary oversight. The pedals are closer to the console, and even placed on the floor. This would mean you could have the cables running along the ground, and then have one cable coming up to the steering wheel from the pedals. This would give you slightly more distance from the TV and not have wires dangling everywhere.  Win win win win.

Alas it was not meant to be.

Of course if you are one of the hardcore peps that have a full custom built driving setup at home, this would feasibly cover the cables and probably have some kind of setup for extending the distance. But for the average Joe, well the average Jo with a spare $700, this could be a real annoyance.

Should you get one?

Look, let’s be honest. This wheel is insane. I absolutely adored racing with it. A couple of my racing games are on PS5, and heaps are on Xbox. If, like me, you are in this situation, it is unfortunate you will need to buy a separate one to use the wheel on both platforms. Though if note if you have a grunty PC, you can jam the Xbox ones on there with the PS5 console.

If you are looking for an outstanding racing wheel for one console, the Logitech G923 Trueforce Racing Wheel is the choice for this. It made the games so much more engaging,and so much more fun. The price point is pretty high at $700, and even on special at around $600 that is still a lot of money.

If racing games are your bread and butter, e.g. you’re a 600 hour racing gamer, then all of a sudden that price is worth it. If you are a casual racing game enthusiast that has other financial drains, like kids, it might be a harder sell.

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