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Oppo A94 Review

When I checked out the Samsung Galaxy M51 I was generally impressed with the phone, with the exception of the lack of 5G support. In 2021 this shouldn’t be a premium feature. So naturally Oppo being Oppo, this premium feature has now been

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review

For a fair while Samsung has been the Apple of the Android world with some premium phones rocking some eye-wateringly premium price tags. Despite not being a big jump in price from the previous series, the S21 still $1399, $1799, and

Oppo A91 Review

Brian After a while, you’ve reviewed so many phones that it’s hard to tell when one ends and another begins. So I decided to review the only way I can now, by comparing the A91 to all the other Oppos you should buy. So many people

Oppo Reno2 Z review

With the ongoing price increases from Apple and Samsung and huge uptick in online tech sales out of NZ, I’d expect Oppo to be a big player here within 5 years, as the tech speaks for itself.

Oppo Reno Z review

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