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The Boys: Season One Review

Are you getting sick and tired of how optimistic superhero movies are? Did you find Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a bit to light and fluffy, wishing it could be a bit darker? Do you hate how capitalism spoils everything pure? Well The

Jumanji: The Next Level Blu Ray Review

When it comes to fun action movies that are family friendly there is a wide spread of quality, usually from terrible, to watchable. The Jumanji remake was one of the few that actually managed to be enjoyable for kids and parents alike. Now

Bloodshot Blu Ray Review

Bloodshot threw me off with its tagline “Heroes are getting an upgrade” as I went in expecting a weird dark superhero movie. What the movie winds up being is a dumb fun sci-fi action movie, so going in with those standards will definitely

Get Out Review

These days I rarely find too much surprising in thrillers.  Sure, I can turn my brain off and enjoy the ride, but it’s hard to find something genuinely surprising, and more so, an interesting movie on the second watch. Get Out deserves…

Mr. Mercedes Review

Some artists become so iconic for a style, that you can forget their talented works in other fields. Stephen King is one of those, who is known for his varied horror chops, that when you hear a film or show is based off his work you expect…

Lost in Space

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a franchise in possession of a good premise and reputation must be in want of a reboot. Now, whether it’s because the original is too well loved for a new interpretation to thrive, or because of a…