The Boys: Season One Review

Are you getting sick and tired of how optimistic superhero movies are? Did you find Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a bit to light and fluffy, wishing it could be a bit darker? Do you hate how capitalism spoils everything pure? Well The Boys could be the show for you, and now it comes on a disc.

The Boys is an 11 episode series that follows two main characters. One is Starlight who is a small-time superhero that emits a super bright light and gets the opportunity to join the team of superheroes working for Vought International.

The Vought International superheroes get the benefits of money and status thanks to the publicity on offer. Vought International gets to control everything the superheroes do from jobs to promoting events. Naturally this means that the company puts profit before everything else, which is the opposite to the goodness for goodness sake we are used to in superheroes.

Starlight’s journey sees her dealing with the horrible corporation, the overburdening rules, and the massive egos involved when people are put on such a pedestal. Given there aren’t many companies these days without corruption and sexual assault problems, The Boys doesnt shy away from making Vought International an example of the worst of them.

The other major storyline is that of Billy Butcher. A man with no power who was unfortunate enough to see his girlfriend explode when the superpowered A-Train accidentally runs through her. The story is covered up and as such Billy is on the warpath to get his revenge the violent way.

Throughout the series he collects some allies, also of the non-powered variety, and they take their fight to the bad superheroes. Hence the name of the show The Boys.

The whole series is surprisingly compact for an American Show. Great special effects and acting make for a tight and enjoyable experience if, (a big if), you want a dark, twisted show. It’s everything you don’t want in a superhero series, in the best possible way.  

There isn’t too much more to say about this series without spoiling it which I don’t want to do for anyone on the fence.  

The Boys is one hell of a dark ride. People who have experienced some serious personal trauma and get triggered by depictions of it should be careful, but for those wanting to see some average joes trying to take down some corrupt heroes, it’s a cracking watch.

Oh and there is heaps of blood, if that’s your thing.

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