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Samsung Galaxy S21 Review

For a fair while Samsung has been the Apple of the Android world with some premium phones rocking some eye-wateringly premium price tags. Despite not being a big jump in price from the previous series, the S21 still $1399, $1799, and

The Nokia 3.4 is out now in NZ!

The latest Nokia phone, the Nokia 3.4, has launched in NZ. You can pick one of these up at Spark, Noel Leeming, PB Tech, Warehouse Stationery, The Warehouse, and Harvey Norman for $299. More

Oppo has released the Reno4 series

Want a new phone to work on the fancy new 5G network? Well Oppo has 3 options across the price spectrum from $800 to $1300 to fit anyone premium phone budgets. The Reno4 Pro 5G is $1299, the Reno4 5G is $999, and the Reno4 Z 5G is

Oppo Watch 41mm WiFi Review

If you spoke to me a few years ago about wearable tech, I was unnecessarily douchie about it. “All watches tell the time” and other stupid stuff like that came out of my mouth far too often, untill I started riding an e-bike to