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The Last of Us: Part II review

In 2013 The Last of Us revolutionised gaming. Well this is not entirely true, but it did take a lot of common things and threw a new spin on them. Afterall, stealth, horror, scarce resources, crafting, linear third person


When it comes to sports games, I am lukewarm.  Sure I played Rugby League Live for dozens of hours on end, but that was to scale down the difficulty and see my teams not suck for a hot minute.  WHAT THE GOLF? isn’t the sports game for fans

Oppo A91 Review

Brian After a while, you’ve reviewed so many phones that it’s hard to tell when one ends and another begins. So I decided to review the only way I can now, by comparing the A91 to all the other Oppos you should buy. So many people

The Last of Us Part II Preview

Anyone who knows me knows that until I played Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us held a tight grip on my heart as the game of games. I was so enamored by the story telling, the awesomely conflicted ending, and all of those sweet

Trials of Mana Review

The original Trials of Mana came out when every RPG Square spat out seemingly turned into a cult classic, and Trials of Mana is no different. It is well loved, at least in Japan where it actually saw a 1990s release. 2019 saw the