Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review

Lego games are fun. Do you like Lego games? Great, you will like this game. That is all, play Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Oh I need to fill in more words?

OK well, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga gives us the main nine movies in one sweet Lego game. To say this game is big would be an understatement, but that comes mostly from the freedom you gain outside of the story. 

To follow the story you pick whichever trilogy you want, then jump into the first episode. Each episode takes a few hours, depending on how much you piss around. Completing an episode lets you unlock the next episode in the trilogy, rinse and repeat.

I liked the story mode except for some of the unnecessary walking.

This is because you spend a lot of time walking or running across a hub to start the next mission. Now where this deserves credit is you have some freedom to complete mini missions and puzzles to unlock Kyber blocks. If you want to do that then this is a nice break from the story, but if you would rather return to this after the story, then it’s a lot of unnecessary faff.

Now for the story itself, I mean it’s a Lego game. It obviously follows the main beats from the nine movies but sillys it up a lot. The game is built, and built well, for a family audience. This means it throws silly jokes at you a  lot, but plenty land even for an old man like myself, like watching the edge of a ship coming into view, to zoom out and see it is cake being shoved in Poe’s mouth, for example. Classic and silly humor. Listening to force ghosts giving advice and Anakin’s voice comes over saying “I don’t like sand”. Silly? Yes. But good? Also yes.

The gameplay itself is pretty stock standard. When you get to fly that is pretty damn fun, but the majority of your time will be the platforming.

You will mostly platform your way through levels, hack and slash your way through enemy minifigs, and smash Lego to reconstruct it in different ways to get across challenges on the map. You know, it’s a Lego game. When in a story mission you only have the designated story characters, but when in those hubs/free roam moments you can switch around characters to collect those hidden kyber bricks that need a certain class of mini-fig. It is incredibly easy to lose a lot of time doing this.

Speaking of which, kyber bricks. These are the main collectibles dotted around levels and open worlds. They may be tucked away somewhere waiting to be found, they may need a certain character’s ability to reach, or they may involve more complex puzzles/mini games. The good news is if after the game you want some decent post-game content, well there are 1166 of these suckers. You use them for class upgrades as well so you don’t collect them for complexion alone, which is cool.

For context, when I beat the story, I had roughly 150 kyber bricks, so I have heaps more to go back and get should I be so inclined. Added to this of course are hidden characters to unlock, and heaps of mini kits. So if you so desire, you can sink hundreds of hours into this one, and you might because once the story ends and you get free reign to explore the galaxy, there is so much fun to be had.

The game wasn’t bug free which was annoying.

I had cut scenes where it went to black so I would have to close the game and reopen it. Sometimes I was surprised how much progress I lost. I had the game crash twice while playing the story. Also not ideal. These weren’t that regular, but still annoying.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a pretty easy sell. Do you like Lego games? Do you like Star Wars? Well then you should enjoy the hell out of this game. Minor quirks aside, it is a banger, and given how long it has been since I played a Lego game, well worth it.

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