Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 PS5 Review

When Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 was released I checked it out on PC for reasons. This was an awesome experience because I had only ever played demos of the original games on PS1 which I thrashed beyond belief.  

Do you remember demo disks? Those were the only ways many of us got to play a wide selection of genres when you were lucky enough to get one or two full games a year. Man demo discs were awesome, thrashing the hell out of the Warehouse in TH, becoming a master at Tekken with Xiaoyu and Eddy, and hours of playing that same level traversing the 3D world as a ball in Kula World.

Anyway I got distracted.

So after always wanting to play more of Tony Hawk, like many we found Tony Hawk 5 a disappointment. Naturally I was super chuffed to be able to play these two classics with a nice new coat of paint and some aging wrinkles ironed out.

This time I was not disappointed.

The one thing I felt though was I wanted to play this gem on a console. Sure, using a controller on my PC helps but due to the way my house is set up, I wanted to play it on my couch and the PC didn’t provide that. Now that this excellent port has been ported to PS5 and XB1 with even more paint, it is as good as it was before, but prettier and more vibraty.  

Two of the key benefits of more hardware is the game definitely looks nice and the load times are definitely shorter. Neither of these are game changing but still make the game more fun to play. What does make a difference is the use of the DualSense.

The use of adaptive triggers at times like with reverts feels good, but I wish they had gone further with it such as resistance on other tricks like grinds or something. The haptic feedback on the other hand is amazing. The feeling for landing on the ground, for grinding, for everything it feels distinct. It is one of these things that truly feels so much better than I can explain, but thank the gods for PlayStation making this beautiful controller, and thanks activision for using its potential.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is an excellent game, and the PS5 version so far is the best version out there. With the Ripper DLC packed in and the use of the Dual Sense features, it is easily worth your time and money. I mean it’s the best version of the best port of 2 excellent games. What more can I say?

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