Xbox Game Pass has Sable, Lemnis Gate, Aragami 2 and more coming this month

I say this a lot but Game Pass has a massive month this September.

The September lineup includes Aragami 2, Sable, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, and SkateBird.

A wide variety of new games so it will be hard push to not find something new to play. If you aren’t sure then check out Lost Words: Beyond the Page, it is amazing.

Week of September 13: 

·       Flynn: Son of CrimsonNow (Console and PC)

·       I Am FishNow (Console and PC)

·       SkateBirdNow (Console and PC)

·       SuperliminalNow (Console and PC)

·       Aragami 2September 17 (Console and PC)

Week of September 20:

·       Lost Words: Beyond the PageSeptember 23 (Console and PC)

·       SableSeptember 23 (Console and PC)

·       Subnautica: Below ZeroSeptember 23 (Console and PC)

·       Tainted Grail: ConquestSeptember 23 (PC)

Week of September 28:

·       Lemnis GateSeptember 28 (Console and PC)

·       Astria AscendingSeptember 30 (Console and PC)

·       UnsightedSeptember 30 (Console and PC)

·       Phoenix PointOctober 1 (Console)

Leaving September 30

As always some games are going to leave, these ones will be gone from next month.

You should show these games some love before they go, I bet there are some achievements left for you to earn!

Drake Hollow (Console, and PC)

Ikenfell (Console, and PC)

Night in the Woods (Console, and PC)

Kathy Rain (PC)

Warhammer Vermintide II (Console)

This value is insane, how can you not have an Xbox?

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