Vertigo Games Presents Skyworld, a Groundbreaking Steam VR TBS

This week at Valve’s VR booth at the GDC 2015, Dutch game studio Vertigo Games presents Skyworld, a turn-based strategy game that is bringing back the beloved gameplay from TBS classics in a groundbreaking VR experience on HTC Vive in 2015.

Developed from the ground up to take full advantage of HTC and Valve’s revolutionary Full Room Scale 360 Degree Solution with Tracked Controllers on HTC Vive, Skyworld is a TBS unlike any other that will have you get up, walk around your battle map and rule your empire from every angle as if you were standing in the midst of it.

Chet Faliszek of Valve commented, “Steam has always been a platform for empowering developers and we plan to continue that direction with Steam VR. Vertigo Games is making an amazing VR game with Skyworld and has been a tremendous partner in helping us understand how we can best support the Dev community.”

“Developing Skyworld in such close cooperation with Valve’s Steam VR team has simply been amazing. We are thankful for the support and trust they have shown our studio over the past couple of months, and believe this has given us a crucial edge to develop the best experience possible for this amazing VR technology,” said Richard Stitselaar of Vertigo Games.

In Skyworld, players manage their economy, build and lead royal armies, and have to master powerful dragons to restore their father’s empire to its former glory. Armed with the king’s scepter, powered by the most powerful magic in the world, and with the knowledge of the magic book of spells at their fingertips, it is up to them to tame the mighty dragons and bring back all Skyworlds from the hands of evil.

Skyworld is currently in development by Vertigo Games and Wolfdog Interactive, and will launch on Steam in 2015 as both a Full Room Scale VR experience and a seated VR experience.

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