Sony has announced a new AX3200 in-car receiver

Today Sony has announced the mew XAV-AX3200 in-car receiver.

This new head unit has an embedded with an array of smart features, the XAV-AX3200 offers an elite in-car connectivity experience – navigation, entertainment, and communication. The XAV-AX3200 further enhances in-car entertainment with the addition of an auxiliary A/V input. That allows smooth connection with more audio-video sources making every car ride even more enjoyable. 


  • 6.95-inch display features lighter touch operation and improved visibility with anti-glare touchscreen
  • Space saving installation with a single-DIN rear chassis  
  • Auxiliary A/V Input – The rear connection terminal includes a 3.5mm audio and video input to hook up an external audio/video device.
  • Apple CarPlay – Apple CarPlay integrates iPhone with the car audio’s display and controls, enabling users to make phone calls, access music, send and receive messages. You can even get directions optimised for traffic and more while the driver stays focused on the road. Supporting third-party navigation apps, Apple CarPlay provides even more choices to get to the destination.
  • Android Auto – Designed with safety and convenience in mind, Android Auto is a simpler way to use a smartphone with the car’s display. Drivers can stay connected, entertained and informed while keeping their eyes on the road. Just press the voice control button on the AX3200.
  • WebLink Cast – WebLink is a lightweight app delivery platform designed especially for in-vehicle use. Using an Android or iOS device connection, it can mirror a smartphone screen on the car audio display.
  • Rearview Camera Compatibility with Adjustable Parking Guidelines – Use a connected rearview camera when shifting the vehicle’s transmission lever to the reverse position or simply tap the Rear Camera icon.
  • Quick Wake Up – Drivers are ready to go right after turning on the ignition.
  • Sound Optimisation – Digital Sound Processing (DSP) enables drivers to make adjustments while creating a sound field ideal for inside vehicles. The Dynamic Stage Organiser (DSO) creates an ambient sound as if there were speakers on the dashboard. The 10-band equalizer (EQ10) with 10 presets offers easy and effective frequency adjustment for various listening environments.
  • FLAC Audio File Compatible – Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) compresses without any loss in quality. It can play back FLAC files with up to 24-bit depth and sampling frequency at 48 kHz.
  • 3-Pre Out – For future expandability, the 3-pre out connectivity allows you to build a full acoustic system including a subwoofer, a mono amplifier and 4-channel amplifier for even louder and powerful sound reproduction. 

Availability & Price 

The XAV-AX3200 will be available in New Zealand from November 2021 in selected stores. Pricing at SRP $649.95 NZD

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