Razer has announced a productivity suite so you can work from home with Razer tech

The new Razer Productivity Suite includes a Razer Pro Click (mouse), a Razer Pro Type (keyboard), and a Razer Pro Glide (mouse pad) so you can rep Razer in your working at home setup.

I don’t know about you, but my work from home, and heck my work from office, would be better Razerd up.

Razer Pro Click

●       Ergonomic Form Factor

●       Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor

●       Durability for up to 50 million clicks

●       Multi Host Connectivity for up to 4 devices

●       8 Programmable buttons

●       Extended battery life

Razer Pro Type

●       Ergonomic Design with soft-touch Coating

●       Razer orange mechanical switches

●       Durability for up to 80 million keystrokes

●       Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity for up to 4 devices

●       Fully Programmable keys with macro recording

●       White LED backlit keys

Razer Pro Glide

●       Textured micro-weave cloth surface

●       Thick, high density foam backing

●       Cushioned surface for long term comfort

●       Non-slip backing

●       Dimensions: 360x275x3mm

US PRICE (Waiting for NZ prices)

Razer Pro Click: $99.99 USD
Razer Pro Type: $139.99 USD
Razer Pro Glide: $9.99 USD

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