Kill It With Fire Review

It’s not uncommon to have a distaste of spiders. They are annoying, they make masses of webs that can make you fail a flat inspection or four, (that may have come from a real world example), and some of them can even cause you serious physical pain. So naturally a game where you can kill heaps of them should be up most people’s alleys, well anyone who isn’t properly scared of them or people that like them.

This intro is getting lost on tangents. I played Kill It With Fire.

White Tails

The basic gist of Kill It With Fire is you get plopped into a location  that has a bunch of spiders hiding.  You make your way around picking up and inspecting objects, slowly uncovering spiders and killing them by any means necessary.

Generally you will open draws to find a sneaky one sitting there, or rotate an object like a pot and have one perched on the back. When you spot one it sits for a second before doing a runner and you will go around the house trying to kill it, or in some cases killing one to find it unleashes heaps of babies that scatter everywhere.

Daddy Long Legs

The vast majority of the game will have you running around hunting down the quick buggers.  They may run under a couch, hide behind a pile of junk you discarded, or even back into a drawer you had previously checked out.  

Fortunately the game equips you with a scanner that indicates how close you are to one of these sneaky monsters.  This is only half the job though as I still spent plenty of time looking on, under, and around objects for far too long looking for the eight legged freak. Though this is always a moment of joy short lived as you then have to try killing the little bugger.

Red Backs

The game’s name comes from one of its most fun features, the ability to set the arachnids on fire. Pretty early on you wind up with a pistol, but you will unlock more extreme weapons including Molotov cocktails and even throwing stars. The most fun of which is the lighter and hairspray with which you run around setting everything on fire with, hoping to get one of the buggers.

It’s complete chaos in the best possible way.

False Katipo

The game doesn’t provide too much more depth than that. You have a clipboard with some more challenges like destroying picture frames and you can find some secrets in each level which provide extra weapons and unlocks.

You will explore locations, unlock areas when you have killed enough spiders, then find the spiders in there until you are spider free. Once you have done enough you unlock extra challenges, but to be honest I found them unsatisfying. 


Ultimately  the game is exactly what it advertises on the proverbial box.  Run around, breaking stuff and setting it on fire to get rid of every last spider.  It is easy enough to play that my six year old got hooked immediately, and I killed plenty of time killing those darn spiders.

It’s not the game of the year, but it’s a crackingly good time.

Hot Hot Hot
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