Happy Father's Day, ya filthy animals: Dope Stuff For Your Dad – A Father’s Day Guide

Got a Dad? Specifically, one you like? Well, Father’s Day is this Sunday, so get him something that says “There is a monetary value placed on my love, Father.”

Or something less weird, I dunno, write your own card.

Why is Father’s Day in August instead of June? I don’t know. But hey, here’s some stuff that he’ll definitely pretend to like, and probably genuinely enjoy.

FitBit for Father

Fitbit Sense nz
Product laydown photography for Fitbit Sense.

Is your Dad fat, skinny, or an in-between? Well then, a FitBit is a great idea, because one size fits all!

Not only a snazzy watch for keeping track of Father Time’s machinations, but also maintaining that dad bod so many of us live with. Including me, and my children are cats. They cannot buy me a FitBit.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is available for the low $229.95.

There’s also the option of the Fitbit Versa 2, or even a 3 if he doesn’t mind waiting until next month. And in that case, if price isn’t an issue, you can give your dad a receipt for a preorder of the new Fitbit Sense which is to be released in September. For a cool $579.95, this feature packed watch would be worth the wait for Dad.

Oppo for Poppo

Find X2 Lite

Hey Dad, why don’t you call? Is it because you disapprove of my life choices? Or because you don’t have a decent phone? No more will you have to ponder this question if you get him an Oppo Find X2. Available in Lite and Pro versions and a variety of stylish colours, you’ll know that technology isn’t a barrier for communication with its user-friendly interface and long-lasting charge.

Also he’ll think of you every time he uses his phone. Aww…

Headset for Himself

For the dad that’s still a kid at heart, the ultimate in gaming gear certainly won’t go amiss. Treat him to some playtime and a shiny new headset from Astro; there’s a model to suit every skill level. For noobs the A10 is an entry level set, and for the self-professed pro, the A50 is the only way to go. 

Plus with all the Zoom meetings and working from home these days, a decent headset is remarkably practical this time around. Logitech G also have some excellent options, like this lad, the Logitech G Pro X.

Peripherals for Padre

Got a creative dad on your hands? Why not help him upgrade his office set up with the LogitechMX Master 3 – designed for creatives and engineered for coders, this epic mouse comes with customisations for nearly any app. Featuring An ergonomic design and the fastest, smoothest scroll wheel experience, he’ll never want to use another mouse again. 

Unless of course he’s a big gamer. Then ya know what, something like a Logitech G could be good.

OK so I know that a gaming keyboard sounds crazy, but as someone who’s worked in offices for quite a while, let me tell you that nothing beats a decent gaming setup for everyday use. From a good keyboard’s mechanical switches to the extra buttons on a gaming mouse, everyday work becomes significantly more user-friendly if you can get past the G in the name.

And if your Dad likes games? DOUBLE PRESENT. You can’t lose here, buds.

Gift Card for… Your Dad

Unsure about what Daddy-Bear wants? Want to ensure I’ll never use the phrase Daddy-Bear again? Then a gift card is the way to go.

This isn’t an attempt at extortion; seriously, people don’t like being given specific games unless they’ve explicitly asked for them. Safe bet is a gift card, so he can get The Last of Us Part 2, or some ridiculous Fall Guys skins.

Not a gamer? Also cool. Because Acorn TV exists and they’ve got a ton of shows your Dad is bound to enjoy.

For the dad that deserves some couch time, a subscription to Acorn TV is the gift that keeps on giving. Let him pop his feet up and delve into a world of drama, mystery and comedy with Acorn TV’s father-friendly favourites like Jack Irish with Guy Pearce (not to be confused with Jack London, starring that awesome guy who played the baddie in the first Tomb Raider movie). Subscriptions are just $7.99 per month or $79.99 for a year and AcornTV is offering Kiwis a 30 day free trial by using the code ACORN TV Z30 here.

My Dad is all golf and bridge, at least the rest of you have options besides cards and socks.

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!

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