Fitbit launches new product line, featuring Amazon Alexa

Fitbit have announced the launch of their latest smartwatch and fitness tracker, the Fitbit Versa 2, and some other goodies too.

Versa 2 promises to deliver a new precision-crafted swim-proof design, includes innovative sleep features like Sleep Score and smart wake, and is packed with even more advanced health, fitness and smart features to elevate every moment.

Fitbit also promises over 5 days of battery life, which sounds fantastic; hopefully they’ve learned some more from the Pebble purchase. Innovative sleep features like Sleep Score and smart wake will help improve your sleep as an important component of overall health, which some of us gamers may struggle with.

There’s also the Aria Air, a low-cost Bluetooth scale that tracks weight and syncs with the Fitbit app to calculate BMI, giving a comprehensive view of your trends over time alongside your activity, heart rate, sleep and nutrition data within the Fitbit app.

Finally, we have Fitbit Premium. This is a paid subscription service in the Fitbit app that uses your data to deliver a personalised experience, and aims to help you move more, sleep better and eat well with customized programs, advanced sleep features, personal insights, hundreds of workouts, new challenges, health reports and more.

With Alexa built in to the Versa 2, as well as Fitbit Pay and Spotify, Fitbit sound like they’re on track to perfecting the fitness smartwatch. A voice-enabled lifestyle smartwatch? Yes please. And as I’m a massive fan of smart EVERYTHING, the Aria Air is going in my bathroom as soon as it’s out. Of the three, Premium is the only one we’re wary of; not because of the service offered, but because some of us already have a problem with Premium services that may be spiralling out of control.

The three are designed to work in tandem, which is good news for the fitness buffs among us (or even those of us who just want to talk to our wrist). In combination with Fitbit’s wearable devices, Aria Air, and Premium service, there’ll be access to added data, information and motivation to more effectively reach your health and wellness goals.

Price-wise, Versa 2 will retail for about $3650 NZD, and the Aria Air for $110. Fitbit Premium comes in around $17 per month, or $140 per year. All are set for launch this September; find out more on Fitbit’s website here.

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