Transformers: Battlegrounds Review

Since playing the Cybertron series on PS3 I have fallen in love with the cool games that can be made from the Transformers franchise. Transformers Devastation was another awesome example of what could be achieved with Platinum stamping their mark on the G1 series.

Now Coatsink has had a crack at a turn based strategy game with Transformers: Battlegrounds and yet again a fun Transformers game has been created.

A Prime starting point for turn based strategy

If you are looking for the next deep turn based strategy game, then this may not be what you are looking for. Transformers: Battlegrounds is to the genre what Pokémon is to JRPGs, in that it is super simplified and the perfect way to try out the genre.

Like Pokémon, Transformers: Battlegrounds is simple, yet fun. The game’s mechanics are solid with each character having their turns, they can move, attack, or both depending on how much power each move uses.

If you have played a turned based strategy game before and like Transformers then this is an awesome way to test out the genre. If you are an expert in these games then you may not be blown away here, but if you enjoy the premise and want a game you can chill out and play, then this may be the light adventure you want at the end of a long week.

Be a Megatron, not a Negatron

The gameplay is simplistic, and the story is too. If you have watched Transformers before then you know what you are in for. Humans and Autobots team up to get rid of those pesky Decepticons and ultimately kick Megatron and Starscream’s butt back to Cybertron.

Again this comes down to what you want from Transformers: Battlegrounds. If you are looking for a deep and engaging story then this may not be what you are looking for. If you want a … well a Transformers story, then the short story here shouldn’t disappoint.

Even with the game’s short length it covered some different earth environments and finishes on Cybertron which is always a treat to visit in any Transformers media.

Arcee a great looking game

The art style is based on the Transformers: Cyberverse series, which if you’re an old fart like me is a new Transformers series you haven’t seen/ had to Google. They have a distinct style but using a simple colour palette and character design makes the game beautiful. Added to this is the simple world that is detailed enough to catch the eye but simple enough that it looks timeless.

Added to this is a soundtrack and voice acting that drips of cheesy Transformers awesomeness.  Seriously, it’s fun you guys.    

Another game that isn’t Ratchet

Look, my pun game might be weak but Transformers: Battlegrounds isn’t. If you come to this game with the right mindset and expectations then it is a fun game that with a short length never overstays its welcome.  

You can ramp up the difficulty which powers up the enemies, but ultimately the simple mechanics make it a whole heap of fun.

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