Torpedo 7 is going to pop QR codes in their TV ads

If your biggest issue with ads on TV was how they didn’t have anything to do then great news. Torpedo 7 is going to embed QR codes into NZ TV ads which will unlock exclusive ads.

now you can watch the ads and launch yourself at the tv with your phone to score that sweet discount.

Kiwis have now spent more than a year scanning into everything, from restaurants, cafes, gyms and even DOC toilets. Now the national outdoor retailer Torpedo7 is hoping the habit has stuck when it becomes the country’s first retailer to launch a TV campaign that includes QR codes.

Although the technology has been available for some time, Torpedo7 is hoping our newfound familiarity with QR codes as well as some exclusive deals for those who scan will ensure the campaign’s success.

Torpedo7 CEO Simon West hopes the lucky-dip style deals will put the fun back into watching ad breaks.

“Everyone enjoys watching TV, but possibly not so much the ads. As a leading national retailer, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring great deals to our customers,” says West.

“Using QR code technology we will make purchasing easier and more fun, with a little mystery thrown in around what deals will be unlocked each week.” 

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