HyperX Pulsefire Haste Mouse Review

When it comes to new gaming tech it is easy to enhance them right? Pop on some more buttons and lights and make it … gaminger. HyperX has gone down a different path with the new Pulsefire Haste mouse, opting to make it better but making it have less mouse weighing it down.

Less mouse, more light, easy win.

Less bang for your buck... in a good way

So the biggest benefit the Pulsefire Haste offers is how light it is. The honeycomb design filled with holes and the light plastic might seem minor but the mouse is super light weighing under 60 grams and the most surprising thing was the difference it made. I didn’t realise how heavy mice can be until I started using this mouse but man moving it around was an absolute breeze.

Moving back to my generic wireless mouse has been a painful difference. Everything on my computer feels slower and sluggier so I immediately switched back to the Pulsefire Haste and everything from general use on my PC to gaming feels so much smoother. Sometimes the most simple solution is the best, and the Pulsefire Haste eptimoses that by making the mouse lighter and as such, better.

No more eating at your desk

The one thing I am nervous about is the holes that go straight through. I imagine over time some dust and crumbs will get stuck in there. You can see the chips through the honeycomb gaps and they appear to have a nice plastic coating. How long that will work, or how nasty the mouse will get and easy to clean will be a waiting game.

In my time using it the mouse hasn’t gotten gunked up yet, but it has only been a week of heavy use. I can’t say how it will handle time and many snacks at the computer, but it will be interesting to see long term how it holds out. Think about how every couple of months you can bash your keyboard upside down and a disturbing amount of stuff comes out, this could be the case here too. Though there are holes at the bottom so it will be a waiting game.

Or you know, I could spend 10 minutes away from my PC and eat at the table.

A mouse needs to breath

My first thought was that the crumb issue could be fixed by a thin layer of plastic or something, but this would remove an unexpected benefit. Some cool air around my hand.

If you’re anything like me, and I hope you’re not, you get sweaty. Using the Pulsefire Haste I was delighted by how comfortable I was thanks to a little bit less plastic covering my hands. This is another thing I hadn’t noticed was a thing until I was switching between mice, but my hands were a lot less clammy using this mouse, especially on some long gaming sessions.

For the most part the mouse has a nice generic ergonomic shape, but the other sweet comfort perk it offers is the grippiness. The honeycomb holes do a surprisingly good job of holding it to your hands and if that isn’t enough the mouse comes with some extra grippy stickers in the box, to make it grippier.

So much grip.

Excellence for the price

Given the mouse comes in for under $100 the HyperX Pulsefire Haste is an awesome mouse. It doesn’t have too many buttons like some more advanced gaming mice, and it doesn’t light up your living room like some gaming tech.

Instead it offers some more subtle lights and heaps of comfort. If a couple of extra buttons is all you need then given you don’t have to drop a couple of hundred bucks, this mouse is certainly an easy recommendation. Be careful with the Copper Kettle crumbs on the longer gaming marathons though.

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