Tell Me Why is free and other Xbox Pride initiatives announced

Gaming is a big part of the lives of many LGBTQIA+ individuals.

According to a 2020 Nielsen study 10 percent of all gamers over the age of 18 identify as LGBTQIA+. That is a big chunk of our diverse hobbies community right there.

To honor these gamers and Pride 2021, Xbox announced several ways it’s celebrating the LGBTQI+ community. These include:

  • Tell Me Why, the award-winning narrative adventure starring a lead, playable transgender character, is available for free on Xbox consoles, the Microsoft Store and Steam for all of June 2021.
  • Xbox is highlighting a collection of games that feature LGBTQI+ relationship options, playable characters, and customizable character choices. These games include Tell Me Why, Undertale, Ikenfell, and 2064 Read Only Memories.
  • Select games will unveil new Pride-themed features and activities. This includes a rainbow livery in Forza, a “Unity” nameplate in Halo, and a Gears 5-based punch card where players can raise funds for a social good organization of their choice by completing in-game tasks.
  • The Xbox Twitch channel will host takeovers all month-long featuring creators and game developers from the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • The Xbox gear store has a heap of cool pride themed gear, Meaning you can put your money where you mouth is and pick up some excellently designed gear too.

I won’t lie, that Master Chief shirt is pretty awesome.

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