Sky TV Brings Kids More Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network Content through Apps

Just like companies such as Eatel have made improvements to the way their customers view TV and have experiences through the use of products like a lightwave antenna, Sky are also making changes to the way kids can view their favourite shows. SKY TV has teamed up with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network to create two new apps that will allow kids greater access to their favourite games, videos, animations and shows anywhere, any time.

Anyone with an internet connection can now head to their devices’ App store to download both the NICK PLAY and CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY Apps for free.

Kiwi kids, whose parents are SKY domestic customers, can then access loads of extra content from their favourite Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows simply by entering their SKY My Account details.

“We know hundreds of thousands of Kiwi kids are avid fans of both Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network,” said SKY’s Director of Entertainment Content, Travis Dunbar. “So now, not only do they have the ability to access additional content via the Apps, but can also catch up on their favourite shows on the go just because they are SKY customers.”

“As a parent myself it’s great to see the launch of both the NICK PLAY and CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY Apps in this market as they offer a safe place for kids to enjoy some of the best children’s content SKY has to offer when they’re away from home,” he said.

“SKY customers will love the extra content available on the CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY App,” said Robi Stanton, General Manager of Turner Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Territories.

“Together with SKY, Cartoon Network is committed to providing our fans in New Zealand new ways to connect with the world’s best animation. The App offers a truly unique and enjoyable second-screen brand experience for kids to enjoy – and for parents to trust.”

Ben Cox, Vice President and General Manager of Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand said, “Nickelodeon has a long history of bringing the best shows and content to our Kiwi viewers and together with SKY, we’re now offering them more than ever before. The free NICK PLAY App provides our audiences with a safe environment to catch their favourite show from The Thundermans, to SpongeBob SquarePants and more.”

“Our dedication to constantly innovate across all of our platforms means that we can provide viewers with a different experience every time they connect with our brand,” Cox concluded.

These engaging Apps for a new generation of multi-taskers allow our youngest viewers to watch their favourite episodes and shows, and play games, in a simple and safe layout, from anywhere in New Zealand.

SKY domestic customers who sign in by simply entering their SKY My Account login and password will have access to hundreds of hours of catch-up TV on the NICK PLAY App and access to full episodes of catch-up TV, along with the ability to stream Cartoon Network channel live, on the CARTOON NETWORK WATCH AND PLAY App.

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