Samsung Unveils The Wall & 8K Upscaling TV’s for 2018

As everyone tries to outdo themselves at CES, Samsung have lifted the lid on their latest TV range for 2018.

The big draw card is The Wall, Samsung’s 146 inch, MicroLED TV that features a bezel-less, modular design and self-emitting technology that is capable of producing 2000 nits of peak brightness. However, this still pales in comparison to the size of SNA Displays video wall in the Salesforce head office which covers 1272 square feet! The SNA Displays video wall acts as a centrepiece to visitors and employees alike whilst also serving as somewhat of an art installation as it cycles through exciting and thought-provoking animations and vistas.

To go with that announcement Samsung also revealed their 2018 QLED TV led by the 85 inch Q9S. The Q9S will feature Bixby but the biggest feature is the ability of the TV to be able to upscale content and display it in 8K, no that’s not a misprint, I did say 8K! The TV will make use of machine learning to upscale lower resolutions and output them in 8K so if you are already making use of 4K content then prepare to see that already crisp content take on a whole new level of awesomeness!

We don’t currently have details on when the 2018 QLED TV will roll out in New Zealand but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

You can watch the entire Samsung CES presentation right here

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