Riftbound kicks off lane based battles on PC in May

A new fantasy lane defense game looks ready to be your next obsession. Riftbound has been developed by Barrel Smash Studios and it looks inrguing to say the least.

This new war of good versus evil releases on PC via Steam beginning Thursday, 12 May 2022. 

Peace reigns in the enchanted realm until the nefarious Necromancer, doomed to spend eternity in the Dark Rift, breaks free of his otherworldly prison and threatens to spread his malicious influence across the land. Only a young spellcaster, with the counsel of the Great Oak and help of powerful elementals, can restore harmony and banish the magical menace once and for all.

Face waves of heinous foes in real-time combat

Strategically attack the ranks of Skeletons, Spearblasters, Berserkers, and other deadly adversaries to save the day. Lead a heroic army to confront wicked bosses such as the Giant Troll before meeting with the Necromancer himself. Learn each elemental’s characteristics and evolve these mythical beings into their ultimate forms from one of the five schools of magic. 

Choose from more than 40 spells, evolutions, and combos to get your destruction on. Take out the Necromancer’s villainous army by burning them, zapping them, freezing them, and of course exploding the enemy legion. Evolve elementals in battle to raise defense levels and boost attacking tactics. Stun, block, and push enemy lines while taking the control of lanes to ultimately seal the Dark Rift prison. 

You will be able to unlock spells, evolutions, and upgrades to bolster strategy and tactics. Then you can explore the best defense against the incoming undead army. Meet new allies throughout more than 50 levels and multiple difficulties while venturing across the Deep Woods, Snowcap Mountains, and Blighted Forest.

Riftbound’s legendary quest was developed with a wide range of accessibility options, offering an innovative dyslexia text feature allowing wizards to change between fonts, letters, characters, and line spacing to improve readability.

“We’ve developed an epic adventure full of magic and intrigue, with fable-like creatures in a high-fantasy setting,” said James Thomas. James is the co-Founder and Lead Programmer, Barrel Smash Studios. “We hope players will have as much fun immersing themselves in the Riftbound world as we did while creating it!”

Riftbound lands on Steam for Windows PC on Thursday, 12 May 2022.

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