Razer BlackShark v2 X Headset Review

Over the last month I have checked out a few low end headsets. From the SADES SNUK to the Razer Kraken X, it has been good to see what you can get for around the $100 mark. All of these have been cabled USB headsets which are great, but finally I have got my hands on the Razer BlackShark v2 X which is a cabled headset that uses 3.5mm plugs.

You know, that interface a lot of phones are trying to get rid of.

Making the best of a bad situation

When it comes to a low end headset, we generally know we will make the conceit that it will be cabled. It’s the only way to get good quality sound without expensive wireless, and with consoles, having a cable attaching you to the console is not the way to game in 2020.

The great news is that the Razer BlackShark v2 X uses the 3.5 mm jack port. This means it connects to your PS4 and XB1 controllers, even your Switch!  Given every other format has some issue with one of the above this is a big plus for the Razer BlackShark v2 X.

As for PC gaming, if your machine has one 3.5.mm jack then you can use it as is. But if it has two, then you can use the tidy little splitter that comes with the headset for even better quality sound and mic work. The mic was pretty average, but better than any I have played with in this price range.

It’s another way that the cabled Razer BlackShark v2 X wants to make your life easier.

Comfort at a low price

I was impressed at the comfort level of the Kraken X despite its circular shape. Slipping on the more traditionally ovaly BlackShark v2 X it definitely feels better on my big ears. The memory foam is super comfortable and never got uncomfortable over an especially long stretch of Skully.

As with most cheaper headsets, it winds up being light which adds to the comfort factor for sure, with a simple dial on the right hand side covering sound and a small button for muting.  It’s not the expensive Razer BlackShark v2 so expectations need to be in check, but given the price my expectations were blown away.

And a bag to boot

The headset has a nice carrier bag that provides a tidy way to put the headset away when not in use. The only issue was thanks to the way the microphone is permanently attached and bendable  I keep being nervous I’ll break it putting it in the bag.

The headset also uses a wiry system that holds the cups to the head band. This seems stable enough when in use, and it gives a cool snakey style with the green cable that attaches to the cups, but I am nervous about it long term. During my time with the headset it has certainly not given me pause to think it is about to break, but only time will tell on this one. 

Hopefully a lot of time.

The versatile cheap headset

So if you are asking the question should you buy the Razer BlackShark v2 X, the short answer is if you want a good headset for under $120 that will work on all your systems, then go buy it now.

Given the price, comfort, and versatility, the headset is a steal at the price. Add to that the pure style that Razer brings to every product, and I think you would find any reason to fault this sweet entry level gem.

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