Pick the best time to get your new phone with PriceSpy Price Forecast

New Zealand’s biggest impartial price and product comparison service, PriceSpy, has introduced ground-breaking new technology to offer Kiwi consumers the ability to look at price forecasts ahead of new product launches. Starting with the latest Apple iPhone Xs, Apple iPhone Xs Max and Apple iPhone XR.

Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, New Zealand country manager for PriceSpy, says: “Our website currently offers consumers insights for 95,000 indexed prices, 1,840,000 products and 4,130,000 product features. Having access to such a large volume of prices and products means we also retain a lot of historical data.”

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), PriceSpy has developed a method that provides consumers the ability to look at future price trends, based on historical price information that it has collected, analysed and drawn conclusions from. Using this tool, PriceSpy hopes to give shoppers an even better ability than before to research when the best time is to buy.

PriceForecast is first being introduced alongside the latest iPhone release.

PriceSpy is also introducing PriceTrend, a similar feature for products that are already available to purchase.  This will initially be available for mobile phones, laptops, headphones and TVs, before being rolled out more widely across the site over the coming months.

Liisa continues: “PriceForecast will display our price predictions for six months beyond the current date and PriceTrends for two months.  Each aim to offer consumers a guide to how we expect the product’s price development to continue. With key shopping periods coming up as we near the end of the year we hope shoppers find this tool useful as part of their shopping research.”

PriceForecast and PriceTrend are available on PriceSpy’s mobile web and desktop service.

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