Nintendo Switch Lite is getting a bit blue in May

Don;t worry the Switch isn’t sad. I mean how could it be without how popular the console is.

Instead the console has a beautiful new blue colour variant launching across Australia and New Zealand on 21th May 2021.

The price for this beauty is with a suggested retail price of $399.99.

But can you put a price on beauty? Yes you can. $399.99 is that price.

All Nintendo Switch Lite models are designed specifically for handheld play.. This makes easy to bring your diverse collection of games with you wherever you go.

One of those titles is New Pokémon Snapwhich lets players explore lush scenery on unknown islands to snap in-game photos of Pokémon. They can seek out Pokémon in their native environments as they venture through diverse landscapes, including dense jungles and vast deserts, to uncover the mystery behind the Illumina Phenomenon. New Pokémon Snap launches for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on 30th April.

Another upcoming addition to Nintendo’s software library is the humorous adventure Miitopia, which launches on 21st May. In Miitopia, players can star in a hilarious adventure alongside their family and friends. It’s easy to cast anyone you choose on a comedy-filled quest to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord. These games are just a taste of the adventures that await players on Nintendo Switch.

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