Microsoft Announces Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Awww, it’s so cute!

It was rumoured and leaked but today it’s official. Microsoft have announced their disc-less Xbox One X All-Digital Edition.

The new disc-less All-Digital Edition comes with a reduced price point of $249 USD and will release on May 7 although New Zealand pricing and release date have yet to be revealed.

Consumer appetite for digital content and experiences are stronger today than ever before. Gaming and technology have changed quite a bit since the first Xbox debuted in 2001. During this time, we’ve seen a digital transformation across gaming, music, TV and movies. And closer to home, the success of Xbox Game Pass, which gives members access to over 100 great games, is just another example of how consumers today have grown to expect great digital content. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was created for those who prefer to find and play their games digitally and are looking for the most affordable way to play Xbox games.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be feature 1TB of storage and comes bundled with three of our most compelling and popular games – Minecraft,Forza Horizon 3 andSea of Thieves. These critically acclaimed titles are sure to offer something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

If you haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass yet, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition comes with a special offer to get started with access to over 100 great games, and with new games being added all the time there will always be something new to queue in your digital library. Cord cutters will enjoy watching 4K HDR entertainment with Netflix, Amazon and more, and thousands of Xbox One games are available from the Microsoft Store digitally. Of course this means that no blu-ray drive means no playing physical 4K UHD movies.

Whilst this is good news for fans that don’t want physical discs 1TB of storage still seems awfully low given that the size of AAA games just keeps going up and up. Thankfully you’ll still be able to plug in an external HDD to get that precious extra space.

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