Kraken Academy!! is launching on PC next month

The bizarre and quirky looking Kraken Academy!! is releasing on PC September 10.

If you want to see a a fountain of blood, an underground lair, or a lake the resident Kraken lives in then check out the trailer below.

Kraken Academy!! puts you in the shoes of a new student who gets time travel powers from a magical kraken.

The game has been self-described as a “groundhog-day adventure inspired by 90s comedy anime”.

It tasks players with uncovering the Traitor; a malevolent mastermind who could be anyone at school.

Kick off your time travelling powers at any time and you’ll be transported back to your very first day! With each loop, your job is to learn more about your fellow students and teachers routines to uncover the secrets of the school, discover who the Traitor is, and get a little closer to preventing disaster.

On top of saving the world, there’s a whole range of other activities to dive into. Kraken Academy!! is split into four clubs: Music, Art, Sports and Drama. You will start in one club but can join a different one with each time loop. Players can also explore and investigate the wider campus to learn people’s routines, attend parties, and help the school’s janitor bring down a crime syndicate.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with Kraken Academy!! you can join the Discord server. This will let you provide feedback, share theories and gain access to announcements as they go live.  

It is available for wish listing now on SteamHumble and GOG stores. Kraken Academy!! will be available for USD$17.99 and will feature a 20% discount on launch for seven days. 

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