Kiwi legend Parris Goebel put the OPPO Find X2 Pro to the test

World famous in… the world, choreographer Parris Goebel has been been making some awesome content using her… phone.

More specifically she has been using the Find X2 Pro, and its high-end features to the ultimate test, showing off the device’s Ultra Steady Video, 4K 60fps video shooting, Live HDR mode and 12-bit raw capture, to drastically improve the picture quality of ordinary videos and for max editing flexibility. 

Check out the short videos below covering the how and what she has been achieving and a more in depth blurb below including a link to her Instagram where she is giving one of these awesome phones away.

Behind the Screen: Parris Goebel Puts OPPO Find X2 Pro through its paces

Acclaimed choreographer Parris Goebel knows all too well the vital role a smartphone plays in her everyday life – from capturing the live action to coaching her dancers and perfecting their moves – so much that she jumped at the chance to put OPPO’s new 5G smartphone to the test, in a fashion only Parris knows how.

The OPPO Find X2 Pro, now hailed by the Kiwi choreographer who was last week officially made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to dance, has proven itself the perfect partner in the daily life of a celeb globe-trotter, packed with industry-leading features, from its 12-bit raw capture for prime editing, to its Ultra Steady video technology, fit for the fastest-moving scenarios.

Parris’ Find X2 Pro creations show off the device’s innate ability to capture immaculate, detailed footage for a true-to-life viewing experience, with three mini clips encapsulating the powerful expression in Parris’ latest dance set.

“A smartphone is far from simply being a communication device – my world is incredibly visual, instantaneous and I need to be able to capture anything I am doing, on the spot and know I’ll get a quality result without too much effort,” says Parris Goebel.

“With every project, my creative process and direction stems from the palm of my hand – ritually, I create the choreography then film it to review what’s working and where to improve. The bigger the screen and sharper the viewing, the easier I can see where tweaks need to be made. It also allows my dancers to see how they’re performing and illustrates how moving in even the slightest way differently can create a better effect.”

Kudos from the queen of dance herself, the Find X2 Pro’s game-changing video capabilities took the lead in filming, including Ultra Steady Video, creating faultless stable shots, 4K 60fps video shooting and Live HDR mode to drastically improve the picture quality of ordinary videos. As well as upgrading 30 frames of video to 60 frames, minimising motion jitter and blurring during high-speed action.

“More and more, fans are viewing our content shot on a smartphone so it’s crucial to have a premium standard phone to portray the true essence of our work and evoke the feelings you’d get from a live performance,” says Goebel.

Parris Goebel OPPO Find X2 Pro

“The essential thing for me when creating is to get into a studio, play the music and just start moving to the track. I normally have a few of my dancers with me to see how the choreograph looks and to try different options. It is all about bringing the musicality of the song to life along with what the lyrics are saying.”

“I was excited to see if the Find X2 Pro would live up to its claim as a tool to enhance my creative expression and produce quality action footage – and I wasn’t disappointed. The calibre of the phone stood the ultimate test in my home studio,” says Goebel.

Another must-have for Parris is a long-lasting battery; sharing that having her phone die on her is her biggest pet peeve. The Find X2 Pro sports the world’s fastest and safest commercial charging, leaving no room to miss the action, powering up from 0-100% in just 38 minutes.

Of the project, OPPO NZ Managing Director, Morgan Halim says, “We’re blown away at what Parris produced with the Find X2 Pro and the final videos could be mistaken for a professional camera. But with the Find X2 Pro leaving no stone unturned for the best possible viewing and creative experience, coupled with Parris’ natural talent, we’re not entirely surprised at the duo’s creations.”

A final word from Parris to her up and coming dance fans: “Be committed to working hard every single day at your craft. There are no shortcuts on the road to success. But the latest technology sure can help you along the way!”

Parris is giving her followers the chance to win an OPPO Find X2 Pro for themselves so they can unleash their own creativity from the palm of their hand. Check out Parris’ Instagram page to enter.

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