Fitbit Ace 3 has been announced for kids to keep moving

Do you want to motivate your kids to get off those darn video games? Well why not gamify a little movement with some steps challenges in the Fitbit Ace 3.

It has some of the usual benefits of a smart watch like the ability to read texts (If they have a mobile phone) but a little more cut down and kidified.

Some of the big perks are that it has a massive battery life and is swim proof (though if you caught Fair Go then remember to treat these as grains of salt).

With the whole family Fitbiting, that may keep you accountable as you set the standard for your kiddos.

At the accessible price of $119.95 (NZD), Ace 3 is available for pre-order today, with global availability starting March 15.

According to the Nib Parenting 2020 Survey from Northland to Otago, 87 per cent of Kiwi parents are concerned by screen time, while 84 per cent are worried about the impact of social media.

 Unfortunately, the past year has meant that this has increased even further, with many turning to tech for entertainment, and 29 per cent of surveyed parents giving their children unrestricted access to their device during lockdown. 

To offset this, parents have been challenged to find new ways to help kids stay active — Ace 3 inspires kids to get moving regardless of circumstance and helps them build healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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