Famicom Detective Club is bringing their mysteries to Switch tomorrow

If you needed a detective visual novel to dig into, then Nintendo may have exactly what you need. The Famicom Detective Club brings two games previously unreleased over here to the Switch.

Even better they have been overhauled and modernised, so these old games will be new to us down under.

The two mystery novels are releasing tomorrow in one package for $99 NZD. You can see more about the individual games below or check out the trailer.

Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir 

The wind whistles through the lush Japanese countryside. A man named Amachi finds the protagonist unconscious and stricken with amnesia.

After waking up, they quickly learn that they are a detective investigating the death of the head of the wealthy Ayashiro family.

Quick wits and detective work are needed to uncover both the culprit and the protagonist’s own past before tragedy can strike again in this harrowing investigation.

Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind

Night has fallen over Ushimitsu High School. After a student loses her life while investigating the story of a bloody ghost that haunts the school, the unnerving tragedy leaves the local community and the victim’s classmates shaken.

As a detective in the making, it’s up to the player to discover the truth behind the murder and the ghastly rumour of “the girl who stands behind” in this suspenseful prequel tale.

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