E3 Roundup – Bethesda

OK look I know I’m a fanboy. My first tattoo was the Brotherhood of Steel, and I’ve got a Nightingale one planned to go alongside it. I’m a little bit in love with Bethesda, and I don’t try to hide it.

But you know what? It’s justified. Here’s what I saw of theirs coming up.

Fallout 76

I don’t especially like multiplayer, always online games. They’re just nor my thing, and it’s not what I play Fallout for. But damned if this doesn’t look epic.

The vault experience at E3 was fun as hell, even though I failed the Charisma test due to a high Intelligence answer (said I’d rob a guy, while thing).


The Elder Scrolls Blades

Mobile elder scrolls doesn’t sound like it’ll work. But you know what, neither did Skyrim VR, and that is glorious. Blades felt great when I got my hands on it, with a minimal learning curve and some proper scroll feels.

Your battery will not enjoy this, and a phone call will make you cry, but cest la vie.

Rage 2

I barely played rage the first time, but the sequel looks to address an awful lot of the original recipes problems. Less Mad Max, owning it’s own vibe, all of this is positive. That collector’s edition shows Bethesda’s confidence in the series, and I can’t wait to see what it’s like at release.


More Prey? Yes please! This roguelike element is strange, unusual, and so very perfect for Prey. It’s not a sequel, but it’s the next best thing, and I’m super up for it.


Wolfenstein 2 – Switch

I’m not convinced a shooter belongs on Switch, but if any shooter can pull it odd then it’ll be Wolfenstein and the beast that is B.J. Blazkowicz. A phenomenal game on an amazing system, shooting Nazis on the go could be a real treat. It certainly ran better than Doom did, but suffers from the same issue; if you have a stronger console, why play on Switch? More on this in our review next week.

What was your Best Bethesda Bae? Let us know in the comments below

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