Daemon X Machina review

Get in loser, we’re going flying In comparison to the sheer amount of mech-based media out there, recent mech-game pickings have been slim. With heavyweights like Kenichiro Tsukuda (Armoured Core), Shōji Kawamori (mech anime

Erica Review

Erica is an interactive thriller for PS4, presented almost entirely in live-action. It’s an ambitious debut effort by Flavourworks, who wished to “merge the worlds of film and video games”. Full motion videos (FMVs) aren’t an entirely

Muse Dash Review

This review is late. So very, very late. You know why? Because every darn time I sat down to write this thing, I found myself playing just a bit more Muse Dash instead. It’s that addictive. Muse Dash is a simple side-scroller rhythm

Vaporum Review

First released on PC in 2017, Fatbot Games has now brought their steampunk dungeon crawler Vaporum to console. So pump your shotgun, strap on your exo-rig and join me as I give the Switch port a spin. The premise is simple enough - a

Falcon Age Review

Falcons and robots and dress ups, oh my! Did you know humanity has practiced falconry since 4000-6000 B.C? Sadly, in my concrete jungle existence, my own chances of befriending a bird of prey were slim to none... …or so I thought!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review

…Only twice? My friend, you know that new game everyone has been talking about – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? “Ah, yes, Sekiro: Shadows Die Thrice. The newly released, highly anticipated action game from FromSoftware on PC,