Samsung M5 Smart Monitor Review

Samsung has been making TV’s and monitors for a while, and they tend to be bloody good. My old Samsung TV and monitor both lasted a good eight years, and by the time I had to replace them they seemed like CRT devices with how thicc

Oppo Find X5 Pro Review

Oppo has consistently made outstanding phones. They have innovated and tweaked their way into many hearts including ours at 8-Bit Island. As reviewers we keep waiting for the misstep to make sure we report, and yet time and time again Oppo

Logitech G413 SE Keyboard Review

The Logitech G413 is the latest in affordable gaming peripherals. Given affordability is relative, this is a fair assessment as $170 is pretty good for a gaming keyboard. The question is of course whether the limitations still justify the

WWE 2K22 Review

It has been so damn long since I played a wrestling game. This is because the last time I played one I found it so clunky and uncomfortable to play. Getting any kind of rhythm was so hard, and after being frustrated with controls I decided

Gran Turismo 7 Review

Aaaaah Gran Turismo 2. Someone set it up for a lunch break at school on a projector and everyone was blown away by how realistic it all looked. From then on many old ass gamers like me came to expect the gold standard with the Gran Turismo

Horizon Forbidden West Review

It is not an understatement to say I adored Horizon Zero Dawn. I went in skeptical as I wasn’t always the biggest fan of open world games. Games like the Witcher series couldn't hold my attention despite multiple attempts. What I found

God of War PC Review

God of War (2018) answered one of gaming's hardest questions, what can you do with a game franchise that was beloved by many teenagers for its childish sexism and unnecessary violence? Obviously, the general answer is let it be an object
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