Army of the Dead Review

After what he has done in the DC Universe I was curious to see what would come from a Zack Snyder original concept. It turns out after checking out Army of the Dead it is exactly what you should have expected, for better and worse.

Biomutant Review

For the longest time the only thing I knew about Biomutant was that Mighty Ape had a collectors edition with a cool statue, and no estimate of when the game was coming out. Then after years of no release date, this year they whipped out a

Oppo A94 Review

When I checked out the Samsung Galaxy M51 I was generally impressed with the phone, with the exception of the lack of 5G support. In 2021 this shouldn’t be a premium feature. So naturally Oppo being Oppo, this premium feature has now been

NieR Replicant is out today

Nier Replicant a.k.a. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is out today. The remaster of the prequel to the acclaimed Nier Automata has been on many of our curious brains since the remasters announcement. Even more interesting is to