John Wick Hex Review

John Wick has become a beloved series of movies, with their absurdly excellent action and Keanu Reeves’ raw magnetic excellentness (dude). Naturally, a John Wick game would be a fast paced action flick with as much energy as the movies gave … except nope; John Wick Hex is a turn based tactical game.

So yeah… that’s a thing.


John Wick Hex tells a story of a young badass named John Wick who is taking out an evil mastermind named Hex, and well… the story isn’t that deep. It is set before the movies, but I forgot much of the plot almost immediately. I mean, think about the movies and you have a feel for what the story in the game is like.  

But you’re not here for the story right? You’re here for an animated version of Keanu Reeves (that doesn’t crash constantly) killing lots of people. Well, this game has that in spades.

Hex-Com: Enemy Unknown

The game is, by all accounts, a classic turned-based strategy game. You have limited ammo, need to move around killing people, then you move around to kill some more people.

Look it’s not Casablanca, ok?

It uses an action bar at the top of the screen to determine who goes first, and you use stealth to maximum advantage. It’s a good turn based tactical game that is more unique because of the series it has come from than anything overly unique for the genre.


One thing I adored was the art style. The whole game is a cell shaded beauty that has simple and bright colouring that looks amazing on the screen. Excellent animation is the icing on the cake, and I think I enjoyed looking at it more than playing it at times. And that’s not me having a go about playing it; it just looks that good.

Hex marks the spot

This is where I run out of things to say about the game. It is an above average tactical game with an excellent look and an unexpected take on an established movie series. If you haven’t played a tactical game before, this would make an interesting starting point if you already like the movies.  

Don’t kill his dog, I guess.

A Hexceptional idea
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