Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Review

I have always had a weird relationship with the Devil May Cry series. I have played heaps of the games and enjoyed them but every time another release comes around it never sits in the front of my mind.

That is how I wound up not playing Devil May Cry 5 until the Special Edition released, and I was rewarded for waiting.

As has become a theme for the Devil May Cry series,the Special Edition comes with some extra content but of course the ability to play the game as Vergil. If you haven’t played the game yet then this is a pretty sweet addition.

You can play the whole game as Vergil but due to that story thing you basically play the levels out of context. This is heaps of fun as Vergil is the most fun character to play as and easily justifies a second playthrough.

Speaking of the story, if you haven’t already played the game yet it is well worthwhile. It kicks off with Dante and his team getting their ass whooped by a powerful demon Urizen. Nero and a new mysterious character V witnesses that ass kicking and start their journey to taking Urizen down. They do so by hacking and shooting their way through waves of enemies to ultimately get Dante back and take on Urizen again.

Soime levels are designed to be played as Nero V or Dante, but what I dug was the ones where you had the option. V is physically weak but has familiars that he summons to attack. The result is the ‘sword’ attacks are Shadow who is a panther that slashes away at enemies, the ‘ranged’ attacks are shot from Gryffon who is a weird demon bird thing, and his Demon Trigger summons the massive beast Nightmare who destroys enemies. V’s combat feels exactly like a DMC character would but at the same time totally unique.

Given the option I always played as V when I could because of this interesting take and after the game when I was playing Bloody Palace mode I exclusively used V because he is so damn fun to play. For anyone new to the series Bloody Palace pits you against waves of enemies, which given the fun combat of the game, is a no brainer way to play post game.

One thing that makes the new gen version worthy of a look if you are rocking a PS5 is the use of dual sense. The variation in vibration from the trigger to different points in the controller does enhance the experience. It is hard to describe in any way that does it justice, but I immediately felt the difference, and enjoyed it from start to finish.

Now the annoying thing, and I haaaaate this in games, is that you can’t pause the cutscenes.  Even worse is that if you hit start, it skips the bloody thing. I missed so much story content when I tried to pause the scene and it skipped it. There is a cool video in the game that lets you catch up on the story so far, also limited by an inability to pause.

If you haven’t played Devil May Cry 5 then now might be the time with Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. The next-gen enhancements and the extra content from the Special Edition makes it a no brainer for action fans, and for previous players a worthy upgrade.

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