Win big with PlayStation VR and CultureJam

To celebrate the release of Blood and Truth on PlayStation VR, CultureJam has an amazing prize for all you budding crime lords, courtesy of our friends at PlayStation NZ.

This prize pack includes a copy of Blood and Truth (which is pretty bloody good), a PSVR Starter Pack, and a couple of Move controllers to help you navigate the underbelly of London with grace and gusto.

To enter, let us know where you’d like PSVR to take you after you get back from Blood and Truth’s gritty London. Lisbon? Los Angeles? The literal Moon? Nothing’s impossible.

Competition closes at 12 noon NZT on Friday, June 21. Find images of this amazing prize pack below.

  1. Simon Donnell says

    Disney World!

  2. Chris says

    Would love to go on an Aztec based assassins creed in VR. Colourful, amazing scenery and awesome fights against the invading Spanish army.

    1. Baba says

      I’d love to visit space, like that of the show “The Expanse”.
      Immerse myself in that kinda life

  3. Jonathan says

    A VR adventure – A batman like Thunderbirds experience on tracy island for starters. Getting to slide down into the different ‘birds just like on the show would be awesome. You could jump between brothers whilst saving the day. Awesome.

  4. Duncan Inkster says

    Ancient Norway, Midgard, the setting for God of War – Would be an amazing place to explore.

  5. Jenny says

    I’d take a look around Paris

  6. Adam says

    I would love for VR to take me on a deep space adventure!

  7. Tim Milner says

    I’d go and relax with a few rounds of everybody’s golf!

  8. John C says

    I’d love to go to the pyramids in the Congo they’ve always amazed me and it is most definitely the place I’d like to go if opportunity was to favour me.

  9. Paul says

    I’d love to be able to walk around inside the dark souls worlds, such cool level design that would be amazing to see first hand.

  10. Grant says

    I would love for PSVR to take me to Mars and put me in control of the Curiosity rover!

  11. Zachary Lyons says

    After seeing the level of detail in Final Fantasy VII Remake, I’d *love* to experience Midgar in VR.

  12. Mohit S says

    I would love a vr world based in ancient New Zealand. I would definitely love fishing in that time and seeing a moa roam around

  13. debbie says

    Atlantis it looks amazing and Id spend many hours there in a restorative exploratory fashion 🙂

  14. Paul Lammas says

    I would love to see the Battle of Thermopylae (300) . To see the Spartans and Persians in a historical battle. The blood sweat and tears and scale of the battle which would have taken place

  15. Jaz says

    I would love to race in a futuristic car on a futuristic planet where the jumps are crazy and the tracks are gravity defying. A racing game like that would be flipping amazing in VR.

  16. Nicola says

    To the moon

  17. Emily says

    Through the jungles of Borneo, the sounds would be incredible, the sights and vistas, the sheer size and realization that we are just a small speck in the world would be so fun to immerse yourself in a landscape like that

  18. Brandon Skilton says

    Down through the jungles around the Amazon

  19. Luke Dawson says

    I love VR. Got the PSVR as soon as it came out. I’d love to see a VR game set on Mars. I want to see what it would be like and find out what kind of aliens they’d put up there

  20. Arran Hunt says


  21. Noelynn Savini says

    I’d love to visit Disney World ?

  22. Cam Strother says

    I would love for PSVR to take me to planet Namek!!!

    I would love to experience the best ever story arc (fact) of the best ever anime (arguably) from a first person VR view. I’d use my PlayStation move controllers to throw Ki blasts and Kamehamehas as I battle my way to Frieza for the inevitable showdown! Don’t you think it’s time we all lived out our DBZ fantasies in VR???

  23. Arnya Strother says

    I’d like PSVR to take me back to the birthing room of a hospital. Not to experience giving birth again but to relive childbirth from a baby’s perspective. You start in the womb and work your way out. It could take 10 minutes or it could take 10 hours depending on how labour goes. Getting a game over would be brutal but getting born and winning the game would be a crazy and super fantastic experience…. I think lol.

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