Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Headset Review

There are a lot of gamers out there with nice fancy headsets that will tell you it makes the experience better.  I was one of those monsters that used cheap earbuds plugged into my controller for years, so could a wireless headset convert me?  The Sennheiser GSP 370 decided to show me what I have been missing out on for years with its wireless amazingness.

So easy you don’t need a Licence to Kill.

To see what the user experience was like I pulled the headset and the dongle out of the box and plugged it in to my PS4 to see how easy it was to start up.  Surprisingly this stuff has become so streamlined that as soon as I turned on the headset with the flick of a button the sound kicked in.  Easy right?

It took a little more time to install on my PC, and by that I mean it did its install for a few seconds with no prompting by me and it was time to boogie with my wireless headset.  By boogie I of course mean shoot the swarm in Gears Tactics… but that went without saying.

It will live to Die Another Day.

So what sets this headset apart from the masses is the insane battery life.  It boasts an 100 hour running time which is insane.  Now I can’t say exactly how much time I got out of a charge because I can’t count past 16, but I can say after a full charge I got three weeks out of the headset before I had to recharge.

That included a lot of time playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey into the dead of the night, so naturally I was nervous that a wireless headset would run out of battery. I couldn’t have been more impressed by my nights going unimpeded by the headset battery, though some pesky sleep got in the way.

You Only Live Twice, and it only works on two platforms.

Since the GSP 370 is a wireless headset using a dongle, in the back of my mind I would expect it to work with any device rocking a USB port.  Unfortunately it only works with PS4 and PC, but not the XB1 which is frustrating.  This is a Xbox flaw that stops it, but a 3.5mm cable for a backup would have been useful to work around this because I want to use it for my main headset.

Still, for gamers using a PS4 or PC solely this won’t be an issue, but it still would have been nice to work around the limitations of other consoles.

With comfort like this I’ll Never Say Never Again.

Whenever I hear “massive battery life” I alway get nervous about weight, and yet the GSP 370 is as comfortable as any other light headset.  The headset is made out of a lot of plastic helping keep it light, so hopefully this won’t be an issue long term, but added to the memory foam padding the whole thing is super comfortable to wear.  With that soft foam pressing into your head, the headset doesn’t have any noise cancellation for the sound but it doesnt need it, there is some on the mic though because you don’t want the noisy house blasting into your friends ears.

There is a nice big volume dial on the side to make it super easy to turn down those unexpectedly loud youtube videos, or to turn up your quiet friend who doesn’t keep the microphone close enough to their mouth with ease.  I actually found myself changing the sound more than I expected to keep it at peak comfort levels.  

The World is not Enough, but this headset is.

At the end of the day this is an easy recommendation.  The bulky clunky look doesn’t matter when you can’t see it. You don’t need to see it with it’s battery life keeping them firmly and comfortably on your ears.  That selling point alone makes it well worth the $350 price tag.

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