Need a Last Minute Christmas Gift for a Gamer? Think Logitech

Christmas is now so close if you listen really carefully you may just be able to hear those sleigh-bells ringing. If you have a Gamer in your family and still need to shop for them then you better get that last minute shopping done ASAP but be wanred; Gamers, especially the hardcore Gamers can be notoriously difficult to buy for at Christmas Time. Why? Because usually if we want something we’ll go to the ends of the Earth to buy it ourselves. When it comes to Games, you don’t wanna miss the bandwagon and start a “new game” months after it’s been released and find yourself behind the 8-ball especially when it comes to a multiplayer game.

If you’re thinking about buying that Gamer in your family something then maybe steer clear of games and instead look to give them something they have probably neglected in there mad need to have the latest and greatest video games. That “something” well worth considering is one (or more) awesome peripherals that Logitech have available heading into the final week of Christmas. Here are a few hints that may help you on your journey to finding that special gamer in your life a present that they were not expecting.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam – $199.90

If the gamer in your life enjoys streaming or uploading their gaming highlights to YouTube and is a PC gamer then it’s pretty hard to go past the C922 Pro Stream Webcam. I’m in the process of reviewing one of these little beauties and I can tell you that it would make a superb Christmas present. The C922 comes with a small tripod which is very handy for stable image capture. Streaming/Video Capture quality is in the hands of the user with your choice of recording in 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60fps. The C922 also includes a 3-month premium subscription to XSplit, a powerful yet easy to use streaming/capture editing software that works seamlessly with Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live.

Logitech G633 – $279.90 or G933 – $329.90 7.1 Surround Sound Headsets

First thing you’ll notice here is that both headsets are remarkably similar, that’s because for the most part they are. The big difference between the two is that the G633 is wired and the G933. Both headsets would make a great addition to that gaming giftee’s peripheral collection. Logitech are renowned for producing superior quality, comfortable headset and both of these headsets continue that form. Each of them feature 7.1 Surround Sound with Logitech’s Pro G Audio Driver, particularly important when playing multiplayer games when being able to pick up even the faintest footsteps of an enemy is going to give you a massive advantage. Better yet these headsets are multi-platform compatible so it doesn’t matter whether the gamer is using a PC, Xbox One, PS4 or a mobile device, they will get the same amazing audio quality.

Prodigy G213 Gaming Keyboard – $119.90 and G403 Gaming Mouse – $99.90

When it comes to PC gaming, a quality Keyboard and Mouse setup is absolutely essential! When it comes to this essential combo though, there are so many options out there with prices ranging from cheap through to I need to win Lotto to buy this. If you want to find a fair compromise between price and performance then the G213 Keyboard and G403 Mouse as a combo hits that sweetspot pretty damn well. The G213 keyboard features Mech Dome keys that are full height and deliver fantastic tactile feedback which is very important to a gamer so that they feel like they have actually pressed the keys. The keyboard (and mouse) were both designed with gaming in mind so you get a response time that is about 4-8x faster than a standard keyboard and mouse. Plus the RGB keys means your gamer can set up a colour profile that matches their personality.

The G403 mouse has rubber grips and is available in a wired or wireless variant, obviously the wirless version is a wee bit more expensive. The mouse sensor is “eSports” grade so it is extremely responsive, precise and consistent, all key features that a gamer who loves first person shooters requires in order to dominate their opposition.

K780 Multi-Device Keyboard – $169.90

Our last gift suggestion isn’t just for gamers, this one would suit a tech lover in general. The K780 Wireless Keyboard is a multi-device keyboard. What that means is that it can connect wirelessly to more than one device, either by Bluetooth or USB. Whether you are using a PC, Mac, Android or iOS device this keyboard can connect to any of them and allow you to type. It’s silent and has a very simple interface to allow you to switch between devices. Rather than go from your computer using a keyboard to typing on a tiny screen on your mobile device, the K780 will allows the user to always have the benefit of a full keyboard.

So there you have it, a sample of gift ideas for the gamer in your life that is a bit more safer than going for a game that they probably already own. It’s worth noting that these products are available at most major retailers. Shop around, you may just be able to snap up a last minute Christmas bargain on these goodies at cheaper than RRP.

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