Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review

In 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man showed the absolute brilliance that is possible in games these days. We have played Spider-Man games before but the physics, combat, and swinging around the city had never been so open, free, and fun.

Now hoping to keep the ball rolling, Insomniac has unleashed the fans have been waiting for with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and it is so much better

Another Spider-Man means… more Spidey

What made the previous game so outstanding was its core mechanics, and like what Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was to Uncharted 4, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales  is a new game built on the great bones of its predecessor.  

Swinging around the city is as smooth as it was before. Combat is as easy to learn and fun to execute as it was before. Knocking off all the side missions on the map are as fun as it was before.

The combat challenges have been replaced with challenges provided by Peter to help Miles learn more, the old bases have been replaced with the new enemies bases, etc. It’s what you did before, slightly different and so much fun.

You can teach a young Spidey new tricks

Miles Morales isn’t the same Spider-Man in a different color, he comes equipped with some new abilities. His invisibility and electric attacks known as venom have been added to the game which makes the game feel like its own.

The massive quantity of gadgets have been reduced but enhanced to fit the narrative. As a young Spiderman Miles gets his hands on an electric mine, a gravity bomb, and can unleash temporary allies in the way of the dummies he fought against learning his skills from Peter.

It’s enough that it feels like its own game, and not a bit of DLC.

The Spider-Man you deserve

Taking a bit of time to fluff around, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will likely take you 10-15 hours to beat which is a lot shorter than the previous game. What is most surprising is they actually created the perfect balance of a game here.

The story has Peter Parker out of action, and so Miles has to take over. A high tech gang known as the underground is taking over the city being headed by their leader The Tinkerer. On the other side of that is the Roxxon Energy Company which is getting a stronger hold on the city with force and surveillance, and Miles wants to stop both teams from winning.

In this run time we get an ample dose of Miles as he grows to be a Spider-Man who can keep the city safe while building a reputation as being a Spidey for his people in the city. We get to know his family and one of the villains surprisingly well, and it definitely holds up as one of the better stories in a game I have seen in some time.  

Like the previous game it does balance story and humour well, but with a shorter run time there are a lot less filler missions, and it is a better experience from start to finish. This includes some additions like awkward swinging animations and the ability to crash on the ground showing his inexperience.

New is always better

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is in every way better than its predecessor. It’s a fun and heart wrenching story, which is made better thanks to it being more concise. It’s fun to play, fantastic to watch, and a cracking story.

If you were lucky enough to nab a PS5 then it is certainly the best way to play with the haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers making web swinging so much more satisfying.

Play Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, like right now.

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