Searching for a Bargain? Check out the PriceSpy App

Hands up Mums (and Dads) who like to save money. Who doesn’t right? PriceSpy’s Android (and iOS) app is a neat little tool which allows you to do just that.

I love a bargain, and I suspect I am not alone when I do some online or in-store price comparisons to get the very best deal I can on a product. This app does all the work for me 🙂 It has an impressive range of products; from homeware to toys to electronics to perfume. Although it doesn’t do food or clothing, which would’ve been handy but nearly impossible I imagine.

So here’s how it works. If you are in a store looking at a product and wondering if you could get it more cheaply elsewhere, simply use the barcode scanner and the app will give you a list of places (both physical or online stores) where you can find that item, beginning with the best price. Neat huh?! Or you can have a look through the categories if you’re not sure exactly what you’re after, or do a specific item search.

If the price still isn’t right you can also set alerts so that PriceSpy will notify you if the price drops on an item you have on your list.


Although this app is clearly designed to cater more towards phones, gadgets, and tech products, I did find it helpful in tracking down the best places to buy toys for my daughter. It also has a surprisingly large selection of perfumes so the next time you’re running low on your favourite scent PriceSpy has you covered. Also a really great selection of baby products, which would be so handy for expectant parents instead of trawling the internet for hours or walking for miles around shopping centres.

Oh and here’s a tip for you all – Most retailers these days also offer some form of price matching if you can find a lower price elsewhere. Typically that would involve either trawling through the weekly mailers we all get in our letterbox or walking up and down the mall visiting each store, walking through the masses to check out each price before inevitably releasing that first store you were in probably had it cheaper anyway and then trying to convince this last store you’re in to give you a price match. The PriceSpy app is a great way to get around that process, just use that barcode scanner I mentioned earlier to scan the bar code of the product you are interested in and as long as it’s listed on PriceSpy you’ll now know where to find the cheapest price and can wave your phone in the face of the retail store you’re in and get get yourself that cheaper price without having to put in too much effort.

Yes there is room for improvement in terms of growing a larger range of categories and range of products listed but overall PriceSpy is a fantastic app (and website) for the budget conscious shopper who is looking for a bargain.

You can check out PriceSpy through their website or download their app on Google Play and the iOS App Store.