Remedy’s decision for Control Ultimate Edition isn’t anti-consumer it’s just a reasonable decision

Anti-consumer is a term thrown around so much in the gaming industry. From terrible practises like content that is exclusive to retailers or platforms, to things that are totally reasonable like game exclusivity or prices varying in different regions. Even if it can kind of suck, they are totally reasonable.

The decision for Control Ultimate Edition is entirely in the later camp. A reasonable decision, even if it isn’t what some people want.

We are so darn spoiled.

Anti-Consumer is more than a buzzword

There are so many practises out there in and outside of gaming that are anti-consumer.  Market monopolies or collusion where companies get to put up prices with no choices for consumers is the worst case scenario, and absolutely happens.

But even on the smaller scale like we see in gaming, where you may be keen to play the upcoming multiplatform game Marvel’s Avengers.  It looks fun to play as Captain America, Hulk, and Spiderman, well Spidey will only be gracing the PS4 version as they have the rights for that character.

It’s nasty and gross and shows there isn’t a consensus that the industry is in it for the art.

People should support Pro-Consumer choices.

Xbox has been making so many awesome pro-consumer moves. Releasing so many games on PC, making as many games as possible backwards compatible, and then there is Game Pass.  For a low fee every month you get to play a massive catalogue of games, with some appearing and disappearing every month.  

Every Xbox first party game is being released day one on Game Pass, and a heap of indie games, as well as a massive array of older games that should appeal to most tastes. From Yakuzas, to Legos, to Final Fantasys and so many more. Seriously it is bonkers how good value the console service is.

Does Xbox get rewarded with only positive messages, nope, I can’t go through much without “Where are the exclusives”, and “No God of Wars”, etc.  Ultimately gamers tend to reward brand loyalty more than pro-consumer actions.  

Hell Epic funded a new Total War game and gave gamers the option to get it totally free for life if they nabbed it in 24 hours, and gamers felt betrayed by the developers for making it free on a platform as it wasnt the platform they prefered. It was f**king free. Sure you don’t have your cloud saves, or achievements, but again it was a f**king free game.

So what’s the deal with Control on PS5 and Xbox Series X

So there is going to be an updated version of Control on these consoles called Control Ultimate Edition. They talk about benefits only available on next-gen hardware so presumably there will be some cool new tweaks that will make this excellent game even more excellent.

Now that’s me saying presumably, because they haven’t given much detail on the games enhancements except that it uses the next gen hardware. If you don’t want to buy the game based on that information yet, that is a totally reasonable choice.  

But why do you feel slated about something you haven’t bought having a price tag? They have spent work making something, it costs something to buy, reasonable right?

Gamers can still play the version they bought on PS4 and Xbox One as long as the consoles let them

Remedy has clarified that if you own Control now, you can keep playing that edition on the backwards compatible machines. Yet I still see that it isn’t good enough.

Remedy isn’t taking away from you, hell you are getting more than gens past as you get to keep playing the games you bought, as long as the platforms choose to allow it. So basically if you bought something now, you get to keep playing it on your new machines. If you want additional benefits you pay for it. Seems reasonable right?

Yea, it is reasonable.

Gamers, we are such a fickle bunch

It seems like we are always itching to be slated. We align our personality with massive corporations then get pissed off when they treat us like … well customers. They try to get every buck they can out of us, and we need to make sure they earn our dollars. Xbox is throwing heaps of money into pro-consumer activities instead of big budget exclusives, but if social media is anything to go by gamers prefer exclusives.  

Will Control Ultimate Edition be worth the extra money? I have absolutely no idea. There may be some additional features that use new controllers that make the game that much better value. If not then treat it like a Game of the Year edition that bundles the game and DLC into one pack which is for new players.

For now we should keep our toys in the cot because it looks like we get to take our toys with us to the new cot.

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