Reigns: Beyond to bring rock and space travel to Apple Arcade

Nerial and Devolver Digital have announced Reigns: Beyond which is coming soon to Apple Arcade..

The latest entry in the Reigns series brings indie rock and space travel to your phone with a trailer that can only be described as….

Well watch it and see for yourself:


  • Unlock the legendary Galactic Guitars and rock out in front of your adoring fans.
  • Fight pirates, overzealous tax collectors and more in swiping dogfights.
  • Hang out on your ship for band practice and offer directions to lost space travelers.
  • Meet 60+ curious characters, including your manager, Lord Shark, Strombo the scholarly mollusk, Gron the space bear, … and of course your crew and your ship’s know-it-all A.I.
  • 1400+ decision cards. Infinite possibilities!
  • Original soundtrack by Sam Webster (GRINDSTONE)

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