Pick Up Quick! is a game where you clean NZ beaches in DREAMS

It may be Level 3 in Auckland and Level 2 everywhere else, but you still can still get out to the beach…virtually…to pick up trash in DREAMS.

Basically you collect as much rubbish as you can in 45 seconds.

Pick Up Quick! has been launched by Sustainable Coastlines as part of its Litter Intelligence project. 

Tokahaki Point, Kapiti Island and Tāhunanui Beach, Nelson have been recreated in the game, and the litter is based on actual rubbish collected from those sites.

Pick Up Quick!

The two beaches data can be seen here:
Tokahaki Point
Tāhunanui Beach

Hopefully this brings a little more attention to the problems with rubbish on our beaches, so check it out in DREAMS.

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