Overwatch: Tracer—London Calling comic series issue 1 is free and out now digitally

Overwatch: Tracer—London Calling is a new comic following the second best Overwatch character which you can nab the first issue of now.

It is being illustrated by Babs Tarr of Batgirl fame, and written by Mariko Tamaki meaning I am downloading it now.

Overwatch: Tracer—London Calling

Overwatch: Tracer—London Calling will follow a Young Tracer as she zips through the streets of her hometown.

The series has launched with the first release of five issues. Issue #1 is now available digitally for players and fans to read for free exclusively via Dark Horse Digital and on PlayOverwatch

Overwatch: Tracer—London Calling

The comic is available in over 13 languages so players around the world can join our hero on her adventures in the UK! 

Alongside the London Calling comic series, Overwatch is hosting the Tracer Comic Challenge.

Players can earn a brand-new epic skin ‘Comic Book Tracer’ and other cosmetics by winning games of Overwatch until 29 Sept AET/NZT. 

Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?

Soon you will, because Issues #2 through #5 will be released monthly so you can follow along each month as Tracer darts around town.

For fans who want to collect them all, every issue in the series will be available in print with issue #1 hitting comic shelves 3 December, 2020 AET/NZT!  

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