OPPO Announces New Flash Charge Technologies

Leading technology brand OPPO has today announced a new lineup of groundbreaking flash charge technologies including a high-powered 125W flash charge which can charge a 4,000mAh battery up to 41% in five minutes. Alongside the 125W flash charge, OPPO also announced
65W AirVOOC wireless charging, the ultra-small 50W mini SuperVOOC charger, and a 110W flash charger.

With these new developments in flash charging, OPPO reaffirms its place as the flash charge leader as the brand continues to pave the way in safe, fast charging technologies, with its Find X2 Pro device currently having the fastest charging technology commercially available on the market.

The 125W flash charge technology marks the latest flash charge technological breakthrough for the smartphone industry. With an advanced encryption algorithm and strict temperature control regulators, it will enable the safe and efficient use of flash charging. The 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge will allow users to charge faster compared to current wired charging technology.

The 50W mini SuperVOOC charger and the 110W flash charger, which are introduced for the first time are unique innovations of OPPO’s VOOC flash charge technology, and are field leaders in the miniaturisation of high-power chargers as a result of their unprecedented light, thin
and portable features.

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